How to Brew Reishi Tea | Hot Water Extraction

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Reishi Tea Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction is the most common, easiest and cheapest method to prepare reishi. It’s similar to the traditional tea-making process, whereby the reishi chunks or powder are steeped in hot water for a period of time, strained and then drunk as a tea. When using this method, all the water-soluble components will be present in the resulting extract.



Smaller pieces or reishi are better for a hot water extraction. Heed caution, however: this tough polypore CAN break coffee grinders and blenders. We use this heavy duty

Use whatever you have to break them into pieces. If you have a heavy duty appliance that will grind them, that’s great. Otherwise you can try to cut with a heavy blade or break apart pieces with your hands. If this is all too much work you can still use a whole dried mushroom per pot of water.

An easy solution is to buy a pre-sliced bag of dried reishi. This will save you the trouble of having to break them apart. Some prefer to just buy the powder.


1. Bring water to a boil in a stainless steel or ceramic pot. We recommend not using aluminum for such a prolonged boiling process.

2. Add the mushroom pieces or powder. Reduce the heat to simmer. Let simmer for 2 hours.

3. Remove from the heat, strain, and set aside. Allow the liquid to cool a little, as it’s quite hot. You can repeat the process with the strained pieces until the resulting extraction is no longer bitter or colored.

4. Add optional ingredients to taste.As always, enjoy, and please drink responsibly.


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